Joint Projects

The Joint Project for Voting Rights

This collaborative project unites the DuBois Bunche Center, the Census Information Center and the Center for Law and Social Justice. This project organizes research, formulates policy and mobilizes advocates in defense of voting rights and just reapportionment.

The 2010 Census Project for New Yorkers of Color

Beginning in 2000 the Census Information Center within DuBois Bunche was created to coordinate the Black Census count among African descendant communities. The information and data collected as a result of this initiative is an invaluable asset for scholars involved in research and the formulation of public policy focusing on African Americans living within the five boroughs of New York City.

The Joint Project for Justice

This collaborative project links the DuBois Bunche Center, the Center for NuLeadership and Urban Solutions and the Center for Law and Social Justice. This project organizes research and proposes laws and public policies intended to reverse the disproportionate and negative impact of the prison industrial complex on the African American Community and other people of color.

The Joint Project for Pan-African Development

This joint center project unifying the DuBois Bunche Center, the Brooklyn International Trade and Development Center and the International Affairs Center organizes research, policy and forums that focus on the New Partnership for African Development and the African Growth and Development Act. This project will also work to establish trade missions with Brazil and the Caribbean as part of a modern Pan African initiative designed to overcome the challenges inherent in globalization.

Seeds of Change

This project seeks to empower and mobilize a new generation of scholar activists and advocates for the promotion of progressive laws, policies and programs that are intended to resolve issues confronting urban communities throughout the African Diaspora.

International Living Wage Project

The International Living Wage Project is a special initiative of the DuBois Bunche Center and the International Affairs Center at Medgar Evers College. The International Living Wage Project seeks to mobilize labor leaders, human rights advocates, scholar activist, religious leaders and public officials for the promotion of laws and treaties that would establish a living wage(minimum wage) throughout the developing world.

The Thurgood Marshall Plan

The Thurgood Marshall Plan is a proposal created by the DuBois Bunche Center that would complement the Economic Stimulus Package of President Barack Obama. The Thurgood Marshall Plan would target a substantial percentage of these resources through a new model for workforce development that would reduce the chronic unemployment impacting African Americans and Latinos males in our urban centers.